Live updates : Angular attack hackathon- 2018

Work log and learnings while we compete for Angular attack 2018


We have decided to work on solving a real world problem i.e making all disabled people independent using easily available software and hardware

Framework/language chosen

This hackathon requires us to use Angular Central. We will be using Ionic as our framework of choice

Log1–May 12, 12:30pm IST

Ionic has a split pane component that will make your ux looks good on desktop view.

Ionic split pane in action

Log2–May 12, 1:00pm IST

And we are ready with the final layout of our app.

Desktop and mobile view using split pane

Log3 — May 12, 3:54PM

Lunch and code. Google map integration is in progress. Using Geocoding service and DirectionsService is in the house! Keep guessing.

The above code issues an interval to check whether google maps have been loaded. We should add a max wait time and then fail fast instead of going indefinite check.

Log4 — May 12, 7:43PM

Async, Promise, Rainy weather and code is on.

Log5 — May 13, 12:54 AM IST

Frustrated and stuck on below error.

Finally found the below issue. Can someone explain why?

Log6 — May 13, 3:57AM IST

Designing, bug fixes and calling it a day. Good night (morning folks)

Log7 — May 13, 12:11 PM

Happy Mother’s day. While doing UI updates in angular via async callbacks or by other external library you would require NgZone to keep everything in sync

Log8 — May 13, 6:44PM

Designing is everything. A user sees first and then uses anything. Adding motion interactions to elements. I must say shadows can do magic.

Our mic control after three design iterations.

Log9 — May 24, 8:19PM

Angular attack results are out and finally the team’s hardwork paid off. We won the Judges Favourite category.

Winner! Yippee

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Director Of Engineering @Paytm | Entrepreneur | Strategic leader

Director Of Engineering @Paytm | Entrepreneur | Strategic leader