Quick Summary of Kubernetes (K8S) in Action

Kubernetes — Feature Summary


This blog is just a very short personal summary of the book Kubernetes in Action. Feel free to skip it if you have read that book

First there were monoliths deployed as a big components and then world moved to microservices (ms). As the companies grew, the number of ms built and deployed were enormous and managing the life cycle of these ms needed a special role and skillset to manage infrastructure. Thats where devops role came in to manage the infra/hardware failure/migration of failure components to healthy ones and so forth. MS deployment was solved with dockerized containers but…

The tutorial takes you from scratch and shows what, how and why of application monitoring and alerting with Prometheus and Spring Boot

Download tutorial code here

So there are number of tutorials available for monitoring and alerting using Prometheus and this is another one. The reason I had to write this was the time it took me to setup and configure it locally. The resources are numerous but I couldn’t find a single step by step code tut that could share a practical code approach.

This tutorial will take you on an experiment using prometheus with Java Spring Boot framework.

  1. Java and Spring framework
  2. Maven
  3. CLI/YML


In this article we try to derive the Naive Bayes algorithm from scratch in simple and easy language

Naive Bayes Derivation in simple language

TL:DR Skip to last section for 8 lines of straightforward derivation w/o explanation

I really believe in the philosophy that what you can’t create, you can’t understand clearly. While going through Machine learning algorithms, I came across Naive Bayes classifier. It made me curious to understand the logic behind the famous formula everyone was using and how it came into existence. This article tries to share my learning experience from scratch and in simple words. I am sure there are many curious minds out there and this article will surely help them.

A practical approach to understand how to do the right data and descriptive statistics and analysis by factoring Outliers in your data

Photo by Giorgio Tomassetti on Unsplash

Descriptive analysis or statistics means the summary of a dataset showing the central tendency and the spread of the data using things like mean, median, standard deviation etc

I remember studying these concepts when I was in school but I never understood the use in real life until recently.

I was recently playing with some salary data to learn machine learning. I created some normally distributed data. In the end I appended two huge salaries to play around with different statistics concept.

I uploaded the data in Google sheets and to my surprise, it had an Explore feature which had…

Story talks about making wise tech and management choices using tools and data at hand, how to convert static google search trends data into meaningful and interactive data visualisations for your consumers and personal insights

Interactive data visualisations using Google search trends, Python and Highcharts

Any claim which is not backed by data is difficult to digest. Be it any vertical or industry, it’s easy to convince yourself, your stakeholders and your team mates if your arguments are backed by data.

~Apurav Chauhan 😋

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History — Need of visualisations

There have been countless times when as an Engineering head, I was put in a situation to decide between one or the other things. And working in a dynamic industry there is a highly likely chance that a choice what seem to be best few years back might have been replaced by a new choice.

Back in…

The article talks about the history of Spring (Boot) Framework and how Spring framework works, its internals and basics of Inversion of Control (IoC) and Dependency Injection (DI)

Spring Framework Internals

I have been observing that the young blood these days are more interested in using a technology or framework instead of understanding how does a particular technology or framework works behind the scene? OR even stepping back to understand why was this framework built at the very first place?

As an engineering manager, I have personally seen in teams that everyone is comfortable in using a framework like Spring Framework or Spring Boot but none took an interest in asking questions like:

  1. Where should we use Spring Boot or Spring Framework?
  2. How is Spring Boot different from Spring Framework?
  3. How…

The article explores intercommunication between web and UPI apps on your mobile.


TL;DR: The article talks about customising the UPI apps chooser on your android device via webpage/hybrid app running in a webview.

Download Demo App on playstore

Github Source code


Unified Payment Interface (UPI) is gaining traction in financial domain following which developers and companies are finding ways to explore its use-cases over web. Since UPI requires to validate your mobile number, so it only works on your mobile OS and not on webpage/HTML/JS (android, iOS etc).

Companies wanting to integrate UPI in their web pages accessible via hybrid apps/ mobile webviews still can’t build user experiences around UPI because they…

In this experiment, I talk about how Augmented Reality with JS can be used to make learning more fun and interactive. The case study will discuss the design process, implementation and feedback from children in the age group 2 to 10 years.

Education and Interactive Alphabets learning using Augmented Reality and Javascript

Augmented Reality (AR) has always attracted me, and in this experiment, I try to create a practical AR application. The use-case we will cover is primary education and we will see how we can make the learning fun and interactive. We will make an app to learn alphabets in three languages primarily: Punjabi, Hindi, and English.

The Javascript…

Documenting why and how we moved to documentation as code concept instead of a heavy design oriented developer portal for our Payment Gateway product

Our New Developer Network (developer.paytm.com)


We believe that there is a difference between the way developers look at things VS the way a non dev looks at things.

The writeup talks about the miraculous concept of caching which has been already implemented in our body using gallbladder. Coming from a computer science background its amazing to see how our creator has made a high performant software known as body.

“human anatomy display” by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

Disclaimer: This post is on the philosophical side of life so feel free to skip it. No material knowledge guaranteed!

A week ago I started feeling pain in my upper right side of abdomen whenever I ate something. It was so bad that I had to get admitted in the emergency and was treated for hyperacidity and gastritis. The sensation came back again after two days with a less severity now. Went for an ultrasound and was shocked to find 10.2 mm stone stuck in the neck region of gallbladder + grade 2 fatty liver. …

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