Quick Summary of Kubernetes (K8S) in Action

Kubernetes — Feature Summary



The tutorial takes you from scratch and shows what, how and why of application monitoring and alerting with Prometheus and Spring Boot



This tutorial is suited for people having intermediate skills in below areas

  1. Java and Spring framework
  2. Maven
  3. CLI/YML

In this article we try to derive the Naive Bayes algorithm from scratch in simple and easy language

Naive Bayes Derivation in simple language


A practical approach to understand how to do the right data and descriptive statistics and analysis by factoring Outliers in your data

Photo by Giorgio Tomassetti on Unsplash

What is Descriptive Analysis ?

Motivation behind this exercise?

Story talks about making wise tech and management choices using tools and data at hand, how to convert static google search trends data into meaningful and interactive data visualisations for your consumers and personal insights

Interactive data visualisations using Google search trends, Python and Highcharts

Any claim which is not backed by data is difficult to digest. Be it any vertical or industry, it’s easy to convince yourself, your stakeholders and your team mates if your arguments are backed by data.

~Apurav Chauhan 😋

History — Need of visualisations

For example:

The article talks about the history of Spring (Boot) Framework and how Spring framework works, its internals and basics of Inversion of Control (IoC) and Dependency Injection (DI)

Spring Framework Internals
  1. Where should we use Spring Boot or Spring Framework?
  2. How is Spring Boot different from Spring Framework?
  3. How…

The article explores intercommunication between web and UPI apps on your mobile.



Education and Interactive Alphabets learning using Augmented Reality and Javascript

Documenting why and how we moved to documentation as code concept instead of a heavy design oriented developer portal for our Payment Gateway product

Our New Developer Network (developer.paytm.com)


The writeup talks about the miraculous concept of caching which has been already implemented in our body using gallbladder. Coming from a computer science background its amazing to see how our creator has made a high performant software known as body.

“human anatomy display” by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash


Apurav Chauhan

Director Of Engineering @Paytm | Entrepreneur | Strategic leader

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